How top webcam girl Lana found love of her life

How top webcam girl Lana found love of her life

She is older than him five years, she has three children from the previous relationhips, and he did not look anything serious.

The owner of a magnificent bust which helped to become her very popular webcam girl on, the webcam model Lana celebrates on her birthday on May 12. The charming woman will be 33 years old. 

In veins of this beauty the Corsican blood flows: the improbable ardency and unreasonable Napoleonic ambition is inherent in it. She sought to achieve everything and at once. To delight of the family and surprise of the girlfriends hiding quite clear envy, Lana great succeeded both in camming business, and at cinema. And there was it promptly, for a short time. In the beginning – she was an Victoria’s Secret angel. In private life sensual and sexual Lana, certainly, was not deprived of male attention. It could subdue any star gentleman from the first calling.

However, chose the French photographer Stephano from whom the daughter Satin gave rise. The Italian actor Stephano was the following man. And again, it was repetition of the passable way. Probably, two men with identical names could not win finally heart slightly of light-headed, but very attractive woman. Now Lana loneliness was brightened up by two more children born from him. Has to be, such woman as Lana, was created for other love where her temperament and passion would find the best haven. And the real man would estimate not only bright beauty of the star Frenchwoman, but also her thin, impressionable soul.

webcam model Lana wears black dress

He appeared suddenly – beautiful and melancholic. The unsmiling intellectual seemed to Lana unapproachable and kind of released from this world. And what could the general between them? He is the bright representative of the Parisian bohemia, she is a daughter of ordinary workers: this duet was obviously drawn only in imagination. Besides Lana was more senior than Louis for five years. However, this circumstance had no value. Stefano admitted that he, for the first time, fell in love at ten-year older mature woman. Having seen in the clip the Madonna in black body stockings once, Louis lost rest with the hard feelings. After him will already connect the long relationship with the actress Valeria Bruni Tedeschi who was older than him 10 years. They even adopted the girl from Senegal, having named her Selin.

Acquaintance to Lana generated many forecasts, mostly unfavorable. Like, Louis remains to the right principles, meets the woman is more senior than him, and this union is not fated to pour out in something bigger. However, everything went absolutely according to other scenario which (we will not be afraid of high words!) it was written in the hearts of two different in general people. Louis was sincerely surprised with mind and Laetitia’s charm: she was able to listen, felt mood of the interlocutor. They wandered about night Paris, meeting morning on the bridge at Seine. Louis unexpectedly for himself opened the heart. He liked this beautiful woman, and he was not afraid to tell her the most intimate things. From trust to love – one step. They somehow also did not notice how this feeling absorbed them entirely.

Louis and Lana tried not to devote anybody in the warm affairs and kept aloof from all. Even a wedding was celebrated secretly in the homeland of Laetitia – on the island of Corsica. For them it was the first official marriage. The long-awaited holiday of love took place in a romantic situation: the tender sea lapped at their legs, and the evening decline was reflected in the opinion of the groom and the bride who are not hiding the passionate and gentle love. Louis and Laetitia’s life will find new sense now and will add, of course, many family efforts. But he will keep the promise made to the beloved. “The Honest Person” the magnificent beauty Lana will play a leading role in the movie.