Pros & Cons of Sex with Mature Woman

Pros & Cons of Sex with Mature Woman

The male by definition has to seek for sex with younger and strong female. However, in the human environment so not always happens. For example, such tendency is traced recently that young men prefer women is more senior. Why? 

For a start we will decide on the term “mature woman”. At what age the woman is considered mature? Somehow in deep youth heard from one 17-year-old friend: “And I would not refuse to have sex with the old woman of years of twenty-five”. When to me knocked 25, I with a smile remembered this remark. Then I was still quite young. It is considered to be that the woman reaches a maturity on the fourth ten. That is and it is already safely possible to call the woman of 35-40 years a mature. Here about sex with such women we want to point out few main points.


Experience. This advantage most important. As a rule, women become surer and liberated with age, with them it is possible to learn mad sex without taboo. Certainly, not all women in 35 are rather skilled, are able to derive pleasure in a bed and know what is wanted, but to the last, as a rule, behind sex and are not gone.

Ability to derive pleasure from sex. Sexologists claim that women only after thirty begin to understand really taste of sex, become more sensual and sympathetic on caress of the partner. And it is so important to man to know that he can bring true pleasure from process.

Ability to be given. The mature woman feels that an old age not far off, and, according to eyewitnesses, for it each sexual intercourse as the last. It gives itself to the man and, using experience, tries to give it as much as possible pleasures in reply.

“yes” the mature woman is “yes”. It means that the mature woman “breaks” less, she is more compliant and less captious.

Ability to thank. Especially well this ability is developed at the mature women who endured a divorce.

Keenness and understanding. Really, mature women are already less selfish, they are able to treat with understanding the man’s shortcomings.

Ability “to lift” the fallen “hero”. Many men after certain age have problems with an erection. Skilled women know what caress to use to return to a phallus fighting force. And this ability worth its weight in gold.

Attention to the sexual health. Mature ladies, as a rule, treat maintaining the female beauty more responsibly and, naturally, worry about the female health.

Stronger muscles of a vagina. There is an opinion that the woman is more senior, the wider her a vagina. Actually, then woman has more sex, that development of a muscle of an intimate zone.

Is what to talk after sex about. It no comments.

Lack of obligations. Most often mature women already know that it is optional to marry each sexual partner and do not conduct him to acquaint with parents.


Insufficiently beautiful body. Yes, not such elastic skin, a little flabby breast, – age are age. You will not brag of such mistress at a meeting with business partners.

See all shortcomings. As try, you will not convince such woman that you are the real macho if him actually you are not.

Big requirements. Women are more senior already a lot of things saw and know what has to be cool sex. Therefore, it can easily replace you with another, more mature.

As you can see, it is not enough minuses in sex with mature women, and they if desired can be neglected. But it is more than enough of the positive moments!